[mrtg] Graph history being overwritten

Edwin A. Epstein III ed at rhinobee.com
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Hi Troy, 

Thanks for the tip with rrdmerge, I am looking into it. For the time being though, we are working with the timestamps and measurements in .log and .old files. It's structure seems easy enough to understand, but MRTG's behavior with them isn't. 

Thanks again, 

Edwin A Epstein, III 
Rhinobee Internet Services 

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With RRD files there is an rrdmerge script that will import the old data into the new files: 

I can't find the original download I used but it looks like this one is the same. 


The only consideration required is that the architectures of the old machine and new machine must be the same (i.e. x86_64). 

Otherwise you need to export to an XML file first. This KB article explains how to do an export/import https://support.nagios.com/kb/article/nagios-xi-migrate-performance-data.html 

Good luck. 

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I find myself needing to restore some graphs after a server died. MRTG is working on a new server without issue, except for the fact it overwrites all files placed on it. 

When I copy in the .old and .log files for a target and initiate MRTG it always replaces the entirety of the two files with zeros and the graph history is gone. In some cases, we have graph history going back 2 years or more. 

What is the best way to restore these old files? Additionally, what is the best way to merge old data, or two graphs into one? 


Edwin A Epstein, III 
Rhinobee Internet Services 

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