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Evening groups.

got 2  weard isue here.
I made a config for my weatherstation to show some graphs about weather messurement, like indoor/outdoor temperature and humidity what works great.
all graphs are processed with routers2.cgi script

but i got some isues with air pressure and windspeed.

here is the test setup i use for it.
for some reasons ,when i use the flag options: noo ,or noi NO graph for the I or O is drawn.
bcouse it is single sensor reading, i dont need  Out stats

for testing i use interval: 1

Colours[_]: Red#FF0000, Blue#0000FF, Darkred#800000, Purple#FF00FF
Options[_]: gauge,nobanner
PathAdd: /usr/local/bin
LogFormat: rrdtool
interval: 1

Title[testsetup3]: Air pressure
Target[testsetup3]: `cat /var/tmp/cumulus/realtime.txt | awk '{ print
$11 "\n" $11 }'`
MaxBytes[testsetup3]: 1100
using the AbsMax value here:
AbsMax[testsetup3]: 1120
WithPeak[testsetup3]: y
  YLegend[testsetup3]: Air pressure %
LegendI[testsetup3]: Air pressure %
LegendO[testsetup3]: Air pressure %
ShortLegend[testsetup3]: %
routers.cgi*Options[testsetup3]: fixunit nomax nopercentile nototal
#routers.cgi*GraphStyle[testsetup3]: lines
routers.cgi*ShortDesc[testsetup3]: Air pressure
routers.cgi*ShortLegend2[testsetup3]:  %
routers.cgi*YLegend2[testsetup3]:  Air pressure %
routers.cgi*ScaleShift[testsetup3]: 2
Directory[testsetup3]: PCE-FWS20
#Options[testsetup3]: noi
So, where do i make a thinking fault ?

and yes, the cat values or $11 are equal,its done with a reason.

Messuring temp works good, but somewhere it goes wrong in the Yline Temperature °C is nice set, but in the graph a rectal x shows up.
i guess i am missing a font,not a big deal, that is a fix for later.

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