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Edwin A. Epstein III ed at rhinobee.com
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Hi Jon,

I'm not sure why a hash function has anything to do with the interface. Is this is SNMPv3 you're working with? I unfortunately don't have any experience with that, or know how MD5 is involved. 

Is this a bandwidth interface, or are you trying to create a gauge type graph?


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I need to add a new inferface in mrtg. I came into this with no mrtg experience, and the previous admin left no notes really. I need to know how I find if it is md5, sha1, or sha2.
I thought it might be in the snmp.conf file, but I cannot find that file. So I am wonder where else to look, or a command I can run. Or if it is so painfully obvious, that even a noob should find it.
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