[mrtg] cfgmaker support for Watchguard devices?

Morten Nilsen morten at runsafe.no
Fri Jan 5 15:46:18 CET 2018


I've been using MRTG for years, in combination with PHP Weathermap to 
monitor our infrastructure, and it works great!

But I've recently run into a bit of a snag with our firewalls, as I was 
looking into automating weathermap configuration.
When I run cfgmaker on a firewall, it fails to connect the IP 
information to the proper interface, instead generating configuration 
like this:

### Interface 16 >> Descr: 'No-Description' | Name: 'No Name' | Ip: 
'' | Eth: 'No Ethernet Id' ###
### The following interface is commented out because:
### * got 'No counter exists for 16' from interface when trying to query
### * --ifref=name is not unique for this interface
# Target[wg-jessheim_16]: 16:... at wg-jessheim::60:5::2
# SetEnv[wg-jessheim_16]: MRTG_INT_IP="" 
### Interface 131112 >> Descr: 'vlan40' | Name: 'vlan40' | Ip: 'No Ip' | 
Eth: 'No Ethernet Id' ###

Target[wg-jessheim_vlan40]: #vlan40:... at wg-jessheim::60:5::2
noHC[wg-jessheim_vlan40]: yes
SetEnv[wg-jessheim_vlan40]: MRTG_INT_IP="No Ip" MRTG_INT_DESCR="vlan40"

I reported this to watchguard, but got this response:

>  In 12.0.1, changes were made to net-snmp to enable fixed OIDs for 
 > In previous versions, these values could change on reboot, which had 
the potential to break SNMP polling of specific interfaces.
 > After this change, the OIDs of specific interfaces start at 65536. 
For example, getting link speed on eth0 would use OID
 > The cfgmaker script appears to make some assumptions about how these 
OID values are mapped
 > and it seems to try using information returned by OID (ifindex) to generate specific queries for each 
 > The problem with this is that these values do not map to the same 
values used in the fixed OIDs,
 > and causes cfgmaker to fail when retrieving some of the data for the 
 > The only real solutions here would be to either create a custom 
script to properly parse data returned by snmpwalk
 > when querying the Firebox and generate an MRTG configuration file 
based on it or modify the cfgmaker script to do this.

I would prefer to not run my own custom version of cfgmaker, so was 
wondering if this might get fixed upstream somehow?

Cheers, Morten

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