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Hi Chris,

I don't believe that may be possible, or will give you the results you want.Simplistically, MRTG "compresses" the results and creates a Weekly data point each time the Weekly graph would increment. Likewise, it does so each time it increments the Monthly and Yearly. The number of data points for Daily, Weekly, and Monthly never change. At some point when the Yearly is incremented it does deposit some history that keeps growing and is not capped at the number of records. So if you had a MRTG target running for 10 years you could see the yearly graph data across the entire time span.

The actual log file structure is discussed in detail in the documentation at https://oss.oetiker.ch/mrtg/doc/mrtg-logfile.en.html

If you wanted to maintain the data in the fashion you desire, you would probably need to upgrade to RRDtool and Routers2. As that data would stored in that format, you could pass it through something like Grafana and generate whatever graphs you want. IIRC, there was a gentleman that posted to this list his results in integrating Grafana with MRTG. He shared working code that would swap the internal graphing engine out for Grafana instead.

Alternatively, you could archive the log files every 24 hours appending to a single file. You would then dedupe the lines, but would find you have archived all the daily data points. 



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Hi Folks,


Does anyone know a method to view historical MRTG data in day and week

EG I want to view data from July1st 2017 and see it as a daily graph.





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