[mrtg] Use indexmaker to show bandwidth numbers on main graph?

Tom Fantacone tom at sum.net
Tue Jul 2 16:43:08 CEST 2019

Greetings All,

I have to provide one of our customers a spreadsheet showing monthly 
bandwidth for around 30 different circuits each month.  So I used 
indexmaker to create a graph of just the monthly data using this 
(Windows environment):

perl indexmaker sample.cfg --sort=original --show month 

It works great, except the main "sample.htm" graph does not show in 
text below each graph what the Max, Average and Current bytes In and 
Out are.  I use the Average Bytes In on my spreadsheet.  So I have to 
click on each monthly graph and scroll down the detail one to get these values.

Is there any option to show the monthly numbers on the initial 
summary graph generated by indexmaker?

I'm trying to save myself 10 minutes per month so it's not life or 
death here.  But it is 10 minutes per month.

Thanks in advance,


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