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Brian Chernish BChernish at AscentMRO.com
Tue Jun 16 07:11:55 CEST 2020


I am an absolute "newbie" trying to configure MRTG to produce statistics for a Cisco 3750 switch.

I got through  the basic configuration and now have web pages for the various interfaces on my switch and an index page to consolidate them.

Now I would like to add Cisco environmental information (in particular various chassis temperatures).

After a bunch of Google searches I came up with the following which creates the web page but does not seem to pull the actual data from the switch.

Any assistance in helping me understand where I am going wrong would be appreciated.


### Try To get Temp ###
#Target[]: at
Target[]: at
MaxBytes[]: 1400
Unscaled[]:  dwmy
YLegend[]: Temperature(Deg. C)
ShortLegend[]: Deg. C
Factor[]: .05
Xsize[]: 600
Ysize[]: 200
Ytics[]: 10
YTicsFactor[]: 0.5
LegendI[]: Internal Temperature  
LegendO[]: Internal Temperature  
Legend1[]: Deg. F
Legend2[]: Deg. F
Options[]: gauge,nopercent
Title[]: Internal Temperature
PageTop[]: <H1> Internal Temperature </H1>
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