[op-sepp] [sepp] SEPP features and future development

Roman Plessl rplessl at oetiker.ch
Thu May 21 15:42:47 CEST 2009

Hi Frank,

>> Could you make a patch to the SEPP version 1.4.2 and add that patch as a 
>> new ticket in our trac (http://oss.oetiker.ch/op-sepp/wiki)
> I never created patches so far.  I understand, that you just need a diff 
> file created with `diff -c`?

Exactly, prefer patches with diff -Naur personally.

> I can only offer one huge diff for all changes.  Would that be OK?

For this case that's OK. For the further changes small diff's would be 
more helpful.

>> in the op-sepp but maybe your code is better ;-).
> I doubt that. :-))  But I'd be interested to know, which of these changes are

The possiblity to change the sepp and pack directories from /usr/sepp and 
/usr/pack to any other mountingpoint like /opt/{sepp,pack}.

>> Sound reasonable, could you add also those wishes to the trac (one wish 
>> per ticket). I or we will proove and implement them soon :-).
> I'll do that.



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