[rrd-announce] ANNOUNCE RRDtool 1.2.2

Tobias Oetiker oetiker at ee.ethz.ch
Sat May 7 19:04:32 MEST 2005

Another Week another Release



What's new in 1.2.2

* There are now build instructions in doc/rrdbuild.pod and also
  on the website:

* I have made my peace with the 1.2.x series and added the RRDTOOL
  attribution back into the generated graph.

* a little more performance. By giving libart its input in exactly
  the right order I do not have to rewind the graphs anymore. I
  have further switched off libpngs quest for the best filtering

* new option --slope-mode for rrdtool graph for people who
  want more 'organic' looking graphs.

* permit 3/4 letter color names #fff -- Alex van den Bogaerdt

* customize font rendering in graphs with the new options
  --font-render-mode --font-smoothing-threshold -- John yffffffff4271ef37

* change install locations for documentation. Now it goes into
  $PREFIX/shared/doc/rrdtool-$VERSION/{txt,html} unless the
  $PREFIX contains /rrd/ in that case it will go to

What's fixed in 1.2.2

* No more y0/libart warnings when compiling

* fix for the rotation code in generated pdf,eps,svg files
  -- Peter Speck

* fix for handling of PREV(x) commands in rrdtool graph. no more

* fix for rigid mode to cut-off properly.

* fixed tick, line, stack parsing
  -- Alex van den Bogaerdt

* do not die when something is stacked on nothing
  -- Alex van den Bogaerdt

* improved documentation for LINE and AREA
  -- Alex van den Bogaerdt

* do not write into argv (rrd_create)
  -- Henrik Stoerner

* in rrdtool remote mode do not die on wrong input, just complain

* added some extra files to help with the native windows port
  -- Philippe Simonet

* prevent infinite line-width and allow linewidth 0
  -- John yffffffff4271ef37

* fix compile problem in pngsize for AIX by undefing jmpbuf

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