[rrd-announce] rrdtool 1.2.7 is out

Tobias Oetiker oetiker at ee.ethz.ch
Mon May 16 19:10:44 MEST 2005

I have release rrdtool 1.2.7 on



* Make transparent backgrounds work properly. In earlier releases
  one could only have transparent or opaque backgrounds due to the
  wrong 'drawing direction' of the background area.

* replace WIN32 define tests with _WIN32 since _WIN32 seems to be
  more commonly set with Windows C compilers -- gifford.hesketh on gmail.com

* check return value of cookie read in  rrd_open

* fix handling of out of bounds y values in graphs. This could lead
  to grid lines appearing in the wrong place.

* get configure to be more insistent when testing for
  required header files. It gave up too quickly.

* get graph areas to slightly overlap when stacking this makes
  the tiny white stripes disappear.

* add support 3(4) hex digit color in the --color option -- Alex

* make parsing of DS arguments more robust in rrd_create -- Alex

* improve sizing of the color squares in the legend.

* fix character escape code in EPS driver -- Peter Speck


* Python bindings -- Alan Milligan  alan from balclutha.org

* reintroduce color settings for the frame around the color-squares
  using FRAME.

* add --alt-y-mrtg as a placebo option for old front-ends who use
  this. It gets silently ignored.

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