[Rrd-announce] ANNOUNCE rrdtool 1.2.25

Tobias Oetiker tobi at oetiker.ch
Mon Nov 19 19:59:46 CET 2007

Hi List,

I have release RRDtool 1.2.25 (and 1.2.24)

Brought to you by the 2007 RRDtool sponsors:
GOLD:   www.groundworkopensource.com
SILVER: www.op5.com, www.hosteurope.de, www.contego.net,
        www.atc-onlane.com, www.terreactive.ch, www.google.com
        www.hitflip.de, www.netgame-rmt.jp

Details about this release:

New Features

 * integrated fadvise patchs by Dave Plonka to dramatically boost
   performance in Linux 2.6 setups (at least) with many rrd files.

 * added rrd_fetch and rrd_info to ruby bindings

Bug fixes

 * fix compilation on AIX
 * fix overflow bug in ruby bindings
 * fix xport 64bit portability
 * improve rrd_update input validation
 * fix file descriptor leak on failure in rrd_create
 * fix tcl build system
 * fix potential segfault in in rrd_graph
 * fix python build environment
 * fix float to integer comparison problems in rrd_graph

As always, rrdtool is available from


And while you are compiling, please give the latest rrdtool 1.3
beta a whirl to see if it works with your setup. It should be a
drop-in replacement.



Tobi Oetiker, OETIKER+PARTNER AG, Aarweg 15 CH-4600 Olten
http://it.oetiker.ch tobi at oetiker.ch ++41 62 213 9902

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