[Rrd-announce] rrdtool 1.4.5 - zero bugs in rrdtool bugtracker

Tobias Oetiker tobi at oetiker.ch
Sun Dec 26 23:03:01 CET 2010


To finish the year with a clean slate, I went through the rrdtool
bug tracker and worked down the list of open bugs to zero. This and
all the fixes for the last five months are in rrdtool 1.4.5.

Get your copy from:


1.4.5 is the last release produced with the support of the 2010
rrdtool sponsors.

I have already signed several silver sponsors for 2011, but
unfortunately I have not yet been successful in finding any gold
sponsors for next year. If your company benefits from the continued
up-keep of rrdtool. I'd be glad to talk to you. There are still
spots for silver and gold sponsorship open!



Brought to you by the 2010 RRDtool sponsors
GOLD:   http://www.zenoss.com

SILVER: http://www.hitmeister.de  http://www.digicomp.ch
        http://www.openlane.com   http://hosteurope.de
        http://chinavasion.com    http://www.sidarion.ch

RRDtool 1.4.5 - 2010-12-26
Bug fixes:
 * rrdcached: print \n at the end of log messages when running rrdcached in the
   foreground -- Bernard Li
 * rrdcached: Let the -s, -m and -P options affect the default socket as
   well -- Sebastian Harl
 * rrdgraph: font related memory leaks fixed #208 -- tobi
 * rrdgraph-libdbi: print error message instead of dumping core on sql
   problem -- Pavel Nikiforov
 * rrdgraph-libdbi: properly allocated response buffer -- Pavel Nikiforov
 * rrdtool: in remote mode, make argument count for remote commands strict
   -- Dave Peticolas
 * rrdgraph: fix problems with second %s in right-axis format -- tobi
 * compilation: works on MSVC2008 now -- jkane mail.com
 * everywhere: fix locale handling. locales were not properly reset after
   calling set locale -- tobi
 * rrd_cgi: windows compilation fix --  jkane mail.com
 * rrdgraph: fix use of %s in strftime (G)PRINT commands #277 -- tobi
 * ruby: fix bindings to be compatible with current ruby implementations #279
 * rrdcached: Ensure that response_read() always calls fflush() or fclose() #278
   -- kevin brintnall
 * rrd_client: free addrinfo list after use ... -- Christian Magnusson
 * rrdupdate: follow the normal code path for exiting rrd_update if there is a problem
   with rrdc, plugging a memory leak on the way --  Christian Magnusson
 * rrdgraph: make sure we do not try to draw points all that far outside the
   drawing area since some versions of cairo seem to go unstable when this
   happens. -- Peter Stamfest
 * rrdgraph: fix an endless loop near 2^31 time stamp (32bit platform problem)
   -- Peter Stamfest
 * compilation: AIX does not like MAP_PRIVATE and -lW in LDFLAGS #216 -- tobi
 * compilation: add extra space in LDFLAGS #284 -- dam at opencsw
 * rrdcached:  Fix permissions of the default socket -- Florian Forster
 * rrdgraph-libdbi: Fix sigma calculation --  Hans Jørgen Jakobsen
 * rrdcreate: better checks for RRA arguments
 * configure: make configure recognize tcl-site argument (#281)
 * rrdgraph: if there is no right label, do not reserve any space for it --tobi

 * rrdcached: add hosts_access support added -- Shaun Reitan
 * rrdfetch/graph: introduce "epoch" as a new base time reference, meaning
   timestamp 0: you can now write epoch+11111111s or epoch+19711205s
   -- Peter Stamfest

Tobi Oetiker, OETIKER+PARTNER AG, Aarweg 15 CH-4600 Olten, Switzerland
http://it.oetiker.ch tobi at oetiker.ch ++41 62 775 9902 / sb: -9900

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