[Rrd-announce] Python 3 bindings for rrdtool

Christian Jurk commx at commx.ws
Tue Sep 18 14:39:09 CEST 2012

Dear community,

I'm pleased to announce rrdtool-py3k, Python 3 bindings for rrdtool. 
They are based on the original Python (2.x) bindings module by Hye-Shik 
Chang and available as a native C extension. Furthermore, it provides an 
object-oriented interface to RRD files.

The project is hosted on Github (including sources):

Further documentation and usage examples can be found on the Github 
project page. I'd like to encourage users to test the binding and submit 
bugs (as its still at a early stage of development) to the issue tracker 
there. Thank you.

Best regards,
Christian Jurk

Email: commx at commx.ws

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