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Ashutosh Kumar ashutosh at xinuos.com
Thu Apr 21 09:25:10 CEST 2016


In rrdtool v1.5.5 source 'showtime', which when set to 1 adds time values in the exported xml, is not being set because of which we do not get time values in xml. This however is fixed in the master branch of rrdtool by adding new flag ‘--showtime’ to rrdtool xport’ command. When can we expect that to be available in ports. Thanks!! 


int rrd_xport_format_xmljson(int flags,stringbuffer_t *buffer,image_desc_t *im,time_t start, time_t end, unsigned long step, unsigned long col_cnt, char **legend_v, rrd_value_t* data) { 

/* define some other stuff based on flags */ 

int json=0; 

if (flags &1) { json=1; } 

int showtime=0; 

if (flags &2) { showtime=1;} 

if (showtime) { 


" <%s><%s>%s</%s>", DATA_ROW_TAG,COL_TIME_TAG, dbuf, COL_TIME_TAG); 

} else { 


" <%s>", DATA_ROW_TAG); 




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