[rrd-developers] Re: Example for the STACK problem (fwd)

Alan Lichty alan_lichty at eli.net
Wed Aug 4 00:07:39 MEST 1999

Alex -

After thinking about this for a while, it seems that your preference
could prove workable for STACK graphs.

> My preference would be to skip the unknown entirely (as with normal
> area and/or lines) so that #3 gets stacked on top of #1.

I would not like to see this become the default behavior for all types
of aggregated graphs - just the STACK type.  I can think of contexts
for area and line plots where I do want RRD to stop graphing when
unknown data points come into play and I like the idea that I have
control over this behavior.

The question I am left with however, is whether it would be possible
to have some sort of switch that does allow us to avoid painting
altogether when one of the values is unknown.  I note from the
examples we exchanged earlier today that this is not really the
current behavior - since you always have to start with either an AREA
or LINE plot for the first data point, you will always have at least
that one part of the graph assuming that the first data point is not
*unknown*.  We are currently sort of straddling the fence on this

I hope this better addresses your original query :-}

Alan Lichty

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