[rrd-developers] Re: interlaced png's?

Jeff Allen jra at corp.webtv.net
Wed Aug 11 19:48:49 MEST 1999

Russ Wright wrote:
> you guys get complaints from people who can't view the graphs or does 
> everyone use the current version of Netscape?

Russ, think about it. I work for Microsoft. How many of my users are
using Netscape? How many are using Macintoshes? :)

Cricket tries it's best to accommodate. If you are using a 3.0
browser, it reverts to GIFs. If you are in an environment where this
doesn't handle all the exceptions (for instance, the Macintosh browser
you mentioned), you can simply set your graph-format to 'gif' and let
that apply to all targets.

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