[rrd-developers] Cricket and RRDTOOL major problems

David Koski dkoski at noc.ns.itd.umich.edu
Mon Jul 12 20:25:23 MEST 1999

Ok, at Tobias's suggestion I upgraded from RRDTOOL 0.99.34 to 0.99.50 to
try to take care of many problems with blank graphs showing up.  My hourly
and weekly graphs are even worse now, showing up about 80% of the time
blank (Verses 60% of the time blank).  Any idea how to fix this???  Its a
major problem trying to get data to my user base when the graphs keep
coming up blank and the compliants keep pouring in.  I'm going to
downgrade back to 0.99.34 with Cricket since it seems only slightly more
stable that 0.99.50 for the time being till I can get this sorted out.
Its always with the first graph on the list with Cricket, doesn't seem to
affect graphs associated with variables further into the RRD (In my case,
its affecting the first 2 on the list), the Monthly and Daily graphs are
fine, and a small percentage of the time, they are all fine.  Thoughts?


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