[rrd-developers] ANNOUNCE: rrdtool-0.99.52 (PNG release II)

Tobias Oetiker tobi at caida.org
Wed Jul 14 16:44:56 MEST 1999


Sorry to not announce 1.0.0 today, but there have just been too many changes
to feel certain to release 1.0.0 just yet ... 

I hope to be able to release on Thursday ... 

Here goes the story. Last Week Thomas Boutell pulled gdlib from his
website, stating problems with licensing issues ... (the good old gif story
again). This has motivated me to add PNG support to rrdtool, so that we are
not dependent on GIF anymore. Now gif is still the default output format,
but I am not using lzw compression any more. The --imgformat PNG switch
allows to go to make rrdtool graph output PNG ... 

Adding PNG support required me to add zlib and libpng to the rrdtool
distribution. I am not sure how portable the whole tool is now. I have tested
on Solaris and Linux (Debian) ... it seems to work, but I would be
very happy if some more people could give rrdtool a whirl ... 

From: Tobi
0) repackaged to recover from error in MANIFEST
From: Blair
0) reduced number of syscalls in rrd_update by 30%
From: Tobi
0) added <RRD:SETENV to rrdcgi ... allows you to setvariables like TZ
   to do things in different timezones ... 
1) make sure no < and > are in data imported from cgi ... 
   replace occurrences by _
2) switched to gdlib 1.3
3) added support for PNG output format ... (small changelog line for a lot
of work .
4) fixed default for -b option in rrd_create
5) Switched to lucidatypewriter font

From: Alex
0) fixed Last-Modified: and Expires: to output dates compatible with
   http standard.

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