[rrd-developers] ANNOUNCE: rrdtool-1.0.1 (please test)

Tobi Oetiker tobi at caida.org
Fri Jul 23 22:15:52 MEST 1999


I have just released the first bugfix release of rrdtool (1.0.1)

I am not distributing this announcement to wide for the moment as I would
like to get some feedback first.

I would especially like to know how the new -mieee option helps compilation
on DEC and what the changes in data_reduce are doing to your graphs ...

I will be offline for the weekend ... 

the release is avaliable from:




if all goes well I will announce 1.0.1 on a wider scale on monday ...


Here are the changes:

= 1.0.1 1999/07/23 -- tobi oetiker <tobi at caida.org>

- 1999/07/23 -- Tobi
  pluged memory leek in parsetime.c
- 1999/07/23 -- Tobi
  fixed serious error in data_reduce function. This was causing the
  graph to intermitantly disapear. It was also displaying inacurate values
  for spiky data, if this data had to be reduced due to the width
  of the image as compared to the resolution of the RRA data.
  (does this fix the errors seen by cricket users ????)

+ 1999/07/22 -- Seth Lepzelter <slepzelt at cs.oberlin.edu>
  DEC needs -mieee to do proper IEEE math ... added configure test

+ 1999/07/22 -- Philippe.Simonet at swisscom.com
  vc++ project files for rrdtool

* 1999/07/19 -- Alex van den Bogaerdt <avandenbogaerdt at hollandcasino.nl>
  rrd file icon contributed

- 1999/07/19 -- tobi oetiker <tobi at caida.org>
  added strcasecmp function into parsetime as this is not
  available on all systems.

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