[rrd-developers] Possible problem...

Tobias Weingartner weingart at cs.ualberta.ca
Fri Nov 26 00:36:25 MET 1999

Ok, I think I understand the RRDs.xs problem I have.  I'm trying to get
a different recompile done to verify my theory.  The theory is one of
linking non PIC code into a shared object.  This generally does not work.

Let you know if that is what it turns out to be in the end.

[Time passes]...

Hmm, that does seem to be it.  If I do --enable-shared, things seem
to start working with the RRDs code.  I think no matter if things
are --enable-shared, or not, we should always be doing -fPIC (or
whatever the systems equivelant is) for the static (and shared)
libraries we generate.  In that way, when we link up a RRDs, which
is a shared object, we get PIC code...


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