[rrd-developers] proposal for getting at <last></last> via rrdcgi

steve rader rader at teak.wiscnet.net
Fri Oct 1 20:22:27 MEST 1999

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 > *> <RRD::STRFTIME "%c" now> doesn't work for me.  How could it?
 > *> It doesn't know which rrd to inspect!
 > From: Tobias Oetiker
 > this is not something which is available ... it is only an example of what
 > could be implemented ... 

Ah, okay.  That explains my lack of "grep" output outa the src
directory =:)

I might be able to code this over the weekend.  I seem to have
a lot of functionality re <last></last> that I need to take
care of...

What'dya think about

  <RRD::LAST 'some.rrd' 'some-strftime-format'>

so as to be (somewhat) in sync with RRDs.pm?

Hope NANOG @ Montreal goes well fer ya...

- - -
systems guy

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