[rrd-developers] Re: proposal for getting at <last></last> via rrdcgi

steve rader rader at teak.wiscnet.net
Fri Oct 1 21:59:23 MEST 1999

 > From: Tobias Oetiker
 > it can print the current time:
 > <RRD::TIMESTR 'some-strftime-format' now>
 > or the time from 3 days ago ...
 > <RRD::TIMESTR 'some-strftime-format' now-3d>
 > the point is that it allows you to print something like the --end argument
 > you have defined for the graph ... 

Maybe it's just a my opinion, but I think we are talking
about two distinctly different pieces of functionality:

 (1) pretty-printing a given time via at-style-time specs...

  <RRD::TIMESTR 'some-strftime-format' 'some-at-style-time'>

 vaguely like GNU 'date --date "some-gnu-date-style-time"'

 (2) pretty printing the last update of a given RRD...

   <RRD::LAST 'some.rrd' 'some-strftime-format'>

 very much like 'rrdtool last some.rrd'.

Okay?  I don't really care about (1) but I need (2) before I
can migrate from MRTG to my RRDtool interface.

Just a thought: what about going with <RRD::TIME::TIMESTR> and 
<RRD::TIME::LAST> or somesuch?

- - -
systems guy

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