[rrd-developers] Re: proposal for getting at <last></last> via rrdcgi

steve rader rader at teak.wiscnet.net
Fri Oct 1 22:17:30 MEST 1999

 > From: Tobias Oetiker
 > sure ... I just think that it is pretty simple to have a single function
 > which does both ... you can give it either the name of an RRD or an AT-Time
 > descr ... (argument overloading)

Understood.  But, imo, positional parameter overloading is
really Evil. 

For example: I think new users scanning the rrdcgi doc looking
to pretty-print 'rrdtool last some.rrd' will skip right past

If I scan rrdcgi doc and see "<RRD::TIME::TIMESTR>", I think my
reaction would be "ahh, for printing time strings" and my reaction
to "<RRD::TIME::LAST>" would be "cool, for printing the last update
time for an RRD".

I will say no more until I can send along a patch kit.

- - -
systems guy

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