[rrd-developers] FYI re crazyness with identical DS names in the same RRD

steve rader rader at teak.wiscnet.net
Thu Oct 14 16:24:01 MEST 1999

NRG somehow [1] ended up creating an RRD with duplicate DS names:

 bash% rrdtool dump Abb*rrd.SAVE | grep "<name>"
                <name> input </name>
                <name> output </name>
                <name> input </name>
                <name> output </name>

And it seems "rrdtool update" "saves" data into the first set
of DSs and "rrdtool graph" reads (non-existant, er, NaN) data
from the second set of DSs.

Call it "user error" if you will.  But it was a very confusing

I don't think I even try 

 rrdtool tune Abb*rrd.SAVE --data-source-rename input:crud


Perhaps rrdtool create should not allow dup DS names and perhaps
rrdtool tune should allow DSs to be removed.

- - -
systems guy

 [1] don't ask!  I don't know how it happened!

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