[rrd-developers] Re: opposite of unknaszero

Tobias Oetiker oetiker at ee.ethz.ch
Fri Oct 22 21:27:29 MEST 1999

Today you sent me mail regarding [rrd-developers] opposite of unknaszero:

*> Hi!
*> [I'm not sure if rrd-developers is the right place but I think I'll reach
*>  the right persons and there is more traffic on rrd-users ;-)  ]
*> Some time ago there was a thread about how get the "unknaszero" semantics
*> with rrdtool (to stack some values). Now I wonder if I could get the
*> "opposite" behaviour as known from mrtg. I'll explain:
*> The goal:
*> mrtg repeats the last value from the log for following unknown values. You
*> can suppress this with "Options[..]: unknaszero". As I try to simulate mrtg
*> with 14all (btw: thx alex for promoting it so much ;-) I would like to get
*> the first behaviour too (the second is trivial with rrdtool).
*> The problem:
*> I don't know a way to do this with rrdtool.
*> I didn't found an option like "unknaslast" ...
*> I wanted to try "ds0,UN,last(ds0),ds0,IF" but there's no such function.

there is a function in the fix patch to 1.0.7 which lets you access the
previouse value of an datasource ... will be properly released in 1.0.8


*> Any ideas? It think it's hard to realize (make the stack "persistent" to
*> save the last value on it, a second stack to push old values on ...)
*> Rainer

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