[rrd-developers] Counter limitation

Austin Oh mysoh at nca.or.kr
Mon Oct 25 04:12:47 MEST 1999

Dear Developers,

I have adopted a RRD tool with mrtg.
But, i notice that i can't see actual utilization
when the utilization of link is over about 120Mbps.

We use the Cisco router with high bandwidth link,
155Mbps ATM, FastEtherChannel, etc.

In my opinion, the problems are our router which uses
the 32bit counter.
Therefore, i have modified some code of mrtg and
decreases the interval to 1 minute.
It' looks fine. However, this is not the solutions because of
32bit counter.

i) How to use a MRTG or RRD when physical utilization is over 120Mbps ?
   How to see the utilization ?
ii) Is it possible to count the counter wrap in SNMP world ?
    If so, please let me know.
iii) Finally, how we can see the physical utilization as though the link
is over 200Mbps or 1Gbps ?


Best Regards,
Austin Oh (Myoungsub Oh in korean)
National Computerization Agency.

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