[rrd-developers] updated patch for aberrant behavior detection

Jake Brutlag jakeb at microsoft.com
Thu Aug 24 19:45:52 MEST 2000

RRD Developers and Tobi Oetiker,

An updated version of the aberrant behavior detection code patch is now
available for the current rrdtool-1.0.25.tar.gz distribution, replacing the
previous patch
at http://cricket.sourceforge.net/aberrant/rrd-1.0.25.aberrant.patch.gz. 

This update contains some bug fixes related to bulk updates (multiple CDP
updates generated by a single observation).

I am troubleshooting a case of someone having difficulty installing the old
patch... I don't know if that is just an isolated problem with the old
patch, or just my ignorance about the GNU patch program. If it turns out to
be a problem with the way I am generating the patch, I'll post an updated
patch at that time. If you decide to give this a try and have problems with
this new patch, please let me know.
Here are the steps that worked to test install the patch for me:
1. Start with a clean install of rrdtool-1.0.25. That is, download
rrdtool-1.0.25.tar.gz and extract the tar archive, then extract the
directory structure and files from the tar archive. Don't run configure yet.
2. Uncompress rrd-1.0.25.aberrant.patch.gz into rrd-1.0.25.aberrant.patch
3. cd to the new directory (i.e. cd rrdtool-1.0.25)
4. Run the patch program with the -p1 flag:
patch -p1 < ../rrd-1.0.25.aberrant.patch
(assumes the patch is one directory up from the rrdtool install)
The -p1 flag tells patch to strip the first directory from the path of each
file listed in the patch file.
5. Backups of updated files are stored with *.orig extension.
6. Run configure, make, etc. as usual.

We have also updated the implementation documentation at
http://cricket.sourceforge.net/aberrant/rrd_hw.htm. In addition to comments
on bulk updates, there are some minor editing changes and corrections.

Jake Brutlag
Network Analyst
Microsoft WebTV 

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