[rrd-developers] Re: Restarting devices

Min Qiu minq at UU.NET
Mon Feb 7 20:27:26 MET 2000

>rrdtool only comes up with NaN for an interval if more than Minimal required
>heartbeat seconds of the interval are UNKNOWN ... 


Can I request an option to ignore heartbeat when it set to 0 or -1?
Something like:
<              rrd.ds_def[i].par[DS_mrhb_cnt].u_cnt >= interval &&
<              rrd.ds_def[i].par[DS_mrhb_cnt].u_cnt >0
<               ) {
>              rrd.ds_def[i].par[DS_mrhb_cnt].u_cnt >= interval) {
<                    > rrd.ds_def[i].par[DS_mrhb_cnt].u_cnt
<                    && rrd.ds_def[i].par[DS_mrhb_cnt].u_cnt > 0 ) ||
>                    > rrd.ds_def[i].par[DS_mrhb_cnt].u_cnt) ||

I can understand for those data types related to delta time, it is
necessary to save guard the data by using heartbeat.  However, some 
absolute data such as CPU/memory usage, the right action is to round 
the timestamp upto the closest step, instead of losing data by NaN.  I 
don't think raising the heartbeat(what I do) is the answer.


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