[rrd-developers] rrdcgi won't accept its options....

Ciaran.Deignan at bull.net Ciaran.Deignan at bull.net
Mon Feb 14 17:36:10 MET 2000

Hi All,

I can't get rrdcgi to accept the -g, --goodfor, -r or --refresh options
with version 1.0.13. In the source-code they seem to have been removed.

I want to use the --refresh option for a demo (they want to see real-time
evolutions, although this has no real use in a normal-use environment).
I had difficulty getting this to work with the version 1.0.9 (I hacked the
code to be able to say -r 60 to refresh every 60 seconds), but I don't
understand why its been entirely supressed. The manpage still documents
the options....

Is this a bug or a feature?


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