[rrd-developers] Script to kill off spikes

Bert Driehuis driehuis at playbeing.org
Fri Jan 14 03:41:07 MET 2000

As a side note, I think I've got the Cricket issue with SNMP agent
restarts licked -- I'll wrap 'm up and send them to the Cricket list

With that behind me, I wrote a script to go through an "rrdtool dump",
find the highest values from each datasource, tries to match them all up
and ditches the worst overall records by setting all of the values to NaN,
suitable for reloading with "rrdtool restore". If you set the heuristics
too conservative, it will require a few passes, if you set them too loose,
it will ditch good data. That's why we all agree fixing the problem at the
root is so important.

The script could do better in determining unusualness, but heck, it works
well enough for me :-)  Feel free to add the calculation of the standard
deviation of the datasources that I originally planned; I no longer feel
it is necessary to do better than this.

If you suffer from spikes caused by SNMP agent restarts, you've fixed your
collection process, your only other option is to ditch your entire
history, then killspike.pl may be for you. See your physician if symptoms

No warranty, it may eat your database alive, your cat may die and I'm not
responsible, caveat emptor, enjoy!


					-- Bert

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