[rrd-developers] Re: Restarting devices

Alex van den Bogaerdt alex at slot.hollandcasino.nl
Mon Jan 31 22:55:48 MET 2000

Y. Brett Sauer wrote:
> disappointed at the appearance of the 132917.92 and 128092.54 values for
> average utilization in octets/second.  The previous calculated value for
> utilization was, presumably, changed to a NaN in the archive, because it
> exceeded the maximum allowable value, but the corresponding counter
> value (or is it the utilization value?) appears to have been taken into
> account in the next calculation.  Am I correct about this discrepancy?

I think both problems can be explained:

After deleting and editing etcetera, I think this is wat you are
feeding into rrdtool:

   rrdtool update cust2.rrd 949001407:2848207042:2744819185
   rrdtool update cust2.rrd 949001506:U:U \
   rrdtool update cust2.rrd 949002308:2848208129:2744819897

Presumably you find out at time 949002007 that a reset has occured.
You then subtract the sysUptime from 949002007 to get 949001507 at
which time the reset should have happened.  So far so good.
As you notice, you need to feed the [u]nknown values one second before.
This is still as expected.  Next isn't.  The whole idea was to detect
a drop in the counter values.  This can be detected by monitoring the
sysUptime value (or:  this was the general idea).
Either your values are test values and you forgot to reset the counters,
or your device does not reset the counters when resetting the system ...

As for this huge value:

- at time 949001506 the counters are unknown
- at time 949001507 the counters are known to be zero
- at time 949002007 the counters are known to be *very* large again

In 500 seconds, the counters increase by 2848208129 and by 2744819897.
This is 5696416 and 5489639 per second.  Part of these absurd average
values are in the 949002000 to 949002300 interval.

They are:
5696416/300 *7 = 132916
5489639/300 *7 = 128086

The remaining few bits come from the next update.

I'm curious for the reason why your counters do not reset ?

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