[rrd-developers] Re: RRD support for aberrant behavior detection

Tobias Oetiker oetiker at ee.ethz.ch
Fri Jun 23 08:22:39 MEST 2000

Yesterday you sent me mail regarding [rrd-developers] RRD support for...:

*> RRD Developers and Tobi Oetiker,
*> As you may be aware, at WebTV we make extensive use of RRDtool and Cricket.
*> We use it not only for real-time monitoring of network hardware such as
*> router interfaces and switch ports, but real-time monitoring of software
*> applications and processes running on a large number of Solaris hosts.

Hi Jake,

Good to see some folks at MS are working in the right set of mind :-) ...
(sourceforging cricket and such) ... 

Just read your webpage on the canges and Things look very
interesting to me ... I certainly want to integrate them into
rrdtool. This would be an apropriate cause to go into the
developmant series (1.1) and start using our CVS server ...

Two questions I was not quite clear about:

Is your code backward compatible in the sense that It will create a
version 1 RRD if none of the Prediction RRAs are defined ?

When I want to use the aberrant Behavior detection in an automagic
way, I can fetch data from the apropricate RRA and use it generate
alerts or calculate an interestingnes parameter for a graph in
order to generate jeffs 'page of interesting graphs' ?

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