[rrd-developers] Re: rrdtool graph

Cliff Savage cliff at acsalaska.net
Sun Aug 12 15:47:13 MEST 2001

At 03:03 PM 8/12/01 +0200, you wrote:

>It seems to me that the graph portion of rrdtool is turning into
>a front-end type of program rather than a backend program.  This
>is not a bad thing however now may be the time to rethink about
>this.  The grapher portion becomes quite large.
>Just as a proposal for discussion:  what if we take the DEF,CDEF
>and VDEF stuff apart.  This generates arrays of numbers and can
>change the databases (Jake's stuff).  Processing the arrays is
>IMHO a task for a front-end application which could be called
>rrdgraph.  The same arrays could be fetched by another front-end
>application called rrdreport.
>Of course, the current "rrdtool graph" will not have to go per se.
>It can be made a hook to the front-end if desired.  It may be
>enough to modify rrdtool fetch slightly and in the new rrdgraph
>front-end application we'd make DEF a hook to fetch.
>Consolidating the arrays into something suitable for graphing is
>already a job for the front-end part.
>What do you all think about this?

Certain things seem to lend themselves to a pie-chart graph.
Disk capacities vs. disk space used done as a pie chart is easier
to read/comprehend instead of the disk space graphs I currently use.
Per protocol traffic stats too.

Let's just say that rrdgraph were to do pie charts too.
Seems like that plays into what you said earlier about rrdgraph evolving
even more into a front end.

So breaking it out as you suggest would/might be better groundwork
for future enhancements (like pie charts) and who knows what else ?

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