[rrd-developers] Re: rrdtool graph (fwd)

Tobias Oetiker oetiker at ee.ethz.ch
Sun Aug 12 20:17:34 MEST 2001

Today Alex van den Bogaerdt wrote:

 | Tobias Oetiker wrote:
 | > Moving the data manipulation stuff to an extra module certainly
 | > sounds like a good idea to me ... we could think of it as an
 | > extended version of rrdtool fetch ... how would you go about it?
 | > What aobut the interfaces ?
 | What I ment is sort of integrating the DEF,CDEF,VDEF with rrdtool fetch.
 | The rest of rrdtool graph should then move to a front-end application.
 | This means rrdtool graph will result in an error, unless it just
 | calls the separate application rrdgraph.

 | RRDtool fetch and DEF from rrdtool graph do more or less the same.
 | CDEF and VDEF should also belong to the same part of rrdtool as they
 | are closely related to DEF.
 | Just as getting the numbers (snmp) is related to (but not built in to)
 | rrdtool update, generating the graph should be related to rrdtool fetch.
 | rrdtool fetch could deliver the data in ascii format (and hopefully
 | formatted to the users liking) or in binary format.  Just use a portion
 | of the current rrdtool graph script language:
 | DEF:ds0=my.rrd:ds0:AVERAGE:300:997567200:+24h
 |         (resolution, start and end time optional)
 | CDEF:ds0bits=ds0,8,*
 | PRINT:ds0bits,"%6.2lf"
 |         (PRINT works on all data, hence no CF)
 | RETURN:ds0bits
 |         (returns (a pointer to) the data to the calling program)

Here I do not agree with you. Everybody (almost) who uses
rrdtool needs the graphing part, so it makes no sense complicating
everybodies lives by breaking it out of rrdtool into a seperate
application. Also interfacing to fetch via ascii buyes us nothing
except making things slower ...

I do agree that other parts of rrdtool can and will profit from
having the data massaging facilities available in a module separate
from rrdtool graph, but at the same moment I do not see why this
would require rrdtool graph and a potential rrdtool report to be
removed from the main body of the application ...



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