[rrd-developers] Re: Strange lockup issue

Christopher Snell cjs+lists at aol.net
Wed Dec 5 23:11:54 MET 2001

On Wed, 5 Dec 2001, Mark Mills wrote:

> If you move the "bad" file to the beginning of the list does the error
> still happen?
> I'm wondering if the "bad" file is merely a red herring caused by an
> overflow at that point or something similar...

Hi Mark,

Moving the DEF for the bad file to the beginning of the list does not stop
the lockup.

I also tried an experiment.  I ran the following shell script:

 for i in 9556 9557 9558 9559 9560; do
   echo "i:  $i";
   rrdtool graph /mon/htdocs_devel/images/cached_graphs/aggregated_weekly_$i.png \
      --title "Site A -- IO - Quantitative" -a PNG \
      --vertical-label "KBytes per Second" --units-exponent -1 \
      --width 500 --height 230 --start 1006814095 --end 1007424055 \
      DEF:iowks_9556=/mon/rrd_files/stats_9556.rrd:iowks:AVERAGE \
      DEF:iowks_9557=/mon/rrd_files/stats_9557.rrd:iorks:AVERAGE \
      DEF:iowks_9558=/mon/rrd_files/stats_9558.rrd:iowks:AVERAGE \
      DEF:iowks_9559=/mon/rrd_files/stats_9559.rrd:iorks:AVERAGE \
      DEF:iowks_9560=/mon/rrd_files/stats_9560.rrd:iowks:AVERAGE \
      [ lots more of the above... ]
      LINE2:iowks_${i}#316e31:"IO - KBytes Written/second"

It would work until it would reach a "bad" RRD file, it would lockup.  I
would then kill the hung rrdtool process and the for-loop would continue
on and stop at the next broken RRD.  The "bad" RRD files are totally
random.  I created all of these in batches.  I have batches that have one
bad RRD, batches with no bad RRDs at all, and batches with several bad
RRDs.  All RRDs were created at the same time, using the same script.

I'm baffled.


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