[rrd-developers] Patch for 1.0.28 rrdgraph '-x' label string bug

Terminator rAT karl_schilke at eli.net
Sat Feb 3 00:36:38 MET 2001


I noticed that in RRDTool up to 1.0.28, the rrdgraph(1) '--x-grid'
argument does not work correctly if the strftime(3) string contains
spaces.  For instance, if you try to use :

    rrdtool graph ... --x-grid "DAY:1:WEEK:1:WEEK:1:86400:%b %e, %Y" ...

The x ticks will be labeled "Jan", not "Jan 15, 2001" (or whatever).  The
attached patch fixes the -x argument parsing code by copying the entire
format string following the last ':' character into im.xlab_form[].



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