[rrd-developers] Re: confusion about the CF LAST

steve rader rader at teak.wiscnet.net
Tue Feb 27 22:39:36 MET 2001

 >| Would someone please explain the CF LAST and it's purpose?!!
 >| I can't find a discussion of what it should really do.

 > From: Tobias Oetiker
 > CF last makes the RRA always store the last PDP which has occured
 > within the timeframe of the RRA ... it is not the last value
 > supplied via Update but the last value which is available as PDP
 > and this will show in the RRA is the RRA has a step size of one PDP

Ahhh, okay, that's cool.

Fwiw, I found the use of "last" confusing because the "last" in
"rrdtool last" (the last update time) means a distinctly different
thing than "last" in "rrdtool fetch ... LAST" (the latest PDP in the
appropiate RRA.)

At any rate, I now dislike the name "rrdlastds" for the contrib
script I wrote: it doesn't report about the last DS values but
rather it reports about the *current* DS values!   At this
point I plan on renaming "rrdlastds" to "dsvalues" and adding
"dsvalues --last" for reporting about the last update values.
Other ideas/comments/questions/concerns/heckling are welcome.

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high energy physics
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