[rrd-developers] Added ABERRANT patch to cvs

Tobias Oetiker oetiker at ee.ethz.ch
Sun Mar 4 14:27:11 MET 2001


I have added the aberrant behavior detection patch
by Jake Brutlag <jakeb at microsoft.com> to the rrdtool cvs.

Adding this required upping the .rrd fileformat to 0002

If you want to have a look at it, or even want to contribute to 1.1
here are instructions for accessing it:

mkdir rrdtool
cd rrdtool
cvs -d :pserver:anonymous at drwho.ee.ethz.ch:/usr/drwho/vault/cvs/rrdtool login
(password anonymous)

cvs -d :pserver:anonymous at drwho.ee.ethz.ch:/usr/drwho/vault/cvs/rrdtool checkout program
cvs -d :pserver:anonymous at drwho.ee.ethz.ch:/usr/drwho/vault/cvs/rrdtool checkout contrib

if you make changes to your copy of rrdtool you can then type

cvs rdiff -u

and send me the output for inclusion into the cvs archive.


here are some more changes from the cvs version
2001-03-04 14:12  oetiker

        * doc/rrdcreate.pod: added note on counter vs derive --  Don BAARDA
        <don.baarda at baesystems.com>

2001-03-04 14:01  oetiker

        * NEWS, doc/rrdcreate.pod, doc/rrdgraph.pod, doc/rrdtool.pod,
        doc/rrdtune.pod, src/Makefile.am, src/fnv.h, src/hash_32.c,
        src/rrd_create.c, src/rrd_dump.c, src/rrd_format.h,
        src/rrd_graph.c, src/rrd_hw.c, src/rrd_info.c, src/rrd_open.c,
        src/rrd_restore.c, src/rrd_tool.h, src/rrd_tune.c,
        src/rrd_update.c, src/rrdupdate.c: Aberrant Behavior Detection
        support. A brief overview added to rrdtool.pod.  Major updates to
        rrd_update.c, rrd_create.c. Minor update to other core files.  This
        is backwards compatible! But new files using the Aberrant stuff are
        not readable by old rrdtool versions. See
        http://cricket.sourceforge.net/aberrant/rrd_hw.htm -- Jake Brutlag
        <jakeb at corp.webtv.net>

2001-03-04 14:00  oetiker

        * examples/.cvsignore: another do not report Makefile and

2001-03-04 13:51  oetiker

        * src/memtest.c: this file has no purpose

2001-03-04 13:32  oetiker

        * src/rrdupdate.c: rrdupdate is a generated file it has no place in

2001-03-04 12:31  oetiker

        * .cvsignore, CHANGES, config.log, config.status, libtool,
        bindings/.cvsignore, bindings/perl-piped/.cvsignore,
        bindings/perl-shared/.cvsignore, bindings/tcl/.cvsignore,
        config/.cvsignore, doc/.cvsignore, libraries/.cvsignore,
        libraries/cgilib-0.4/.cvsignore, libraries/gd1.3/.cvsignore,
        libraries/libpng-1.0.9/.cvsignore, libraries/zlib-1.1.3/.cvsignore,
        src/.cvsignore: repository cleanup

2001-03-04 12:14  oetiker

        * doc/rrdupdate.pod, src/rrd_update.c, src/rrd_tool.c: added
        at-style-time at value:value syntax to rrd_update --  Dave Bodenstab
        <imdave at mcs.net>

2001-03-04 11:29  oetiker

        * src/rrd_open.c: fixed filedescriptor leak -- Mike Franusich
        <mike at franusich.com>

2001-03-02 23:48  oetiker

        * configure.in, libraries/zlib-1.1.3/Makefile.am: added test for
        hpux. if matched, compile zlib with -fpic instead of -fPIC

2001-03-01 22:37  oetiker

        * configure.in: added check for the presence of the compiler used
        to build perl modules

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