[rrd-developers] Re: [rrd-users] Re: Image clipping/stacking wanted

Alex van den Bogaerdt alex at slot.hollandcasino.nl
Tue Mar 6 01:18:53 MET 2001

Tobias Oetiker wrote:

[snip: multiple canvases to form one graph]

>  | > Interesting.  How should the user interface look?  Read the bottom
>  | > paragraphs first before you answer this as it might be sufficient.
>  |
>  | The user interface, especially if multiple tiled graphs are considered for one single
>  | image, is definitively an open topic.  I still vote for some kind of script language.
> I already talked to alex about this ... my vision is that we might
> use some xml style language to setup the graph ... if we use svg
> for describing the graph, we need libxml anyways and would thus
> have the parser at hand

But this would still process one canvas wouldn't it?  You can of
course create more than one image and stack those (using html or
whatever other method) but this is completely different from
specifying (by whatever means) more than one canvas, specifying
which line should go on which canvas etcetera *inside one graph*.

Graphing only the canvas is something that is (almost) present.
It is just the whitespace that is still inserted even if you
ask not to graph legends and such.

Without judging the proposed change to xml, stacking images not
inside RRDtool but rather in your browser should be easy.

Using more than one canvas in one graph would mean:
- define a canvas (need to do that anyway)
- define another canvas, above, below, left, right, overlayed
- define a line, which canvas to use, other properties

However, I still don't see why anybody would want to create a
graph containing the y-axis *only*.  Obviously you need a canvas
next to it, so why not create a graph with y-axis and canvas
together? One y-axis spanning multiple canvases?
Now, creating more than one y-axis and placing it on either
side of the graph, is something that could be useful. This
can be done using xml inside one graph.  This is thus different
from displaying the y-axis and the y-axis alone.

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