[rrd-developers] Request: Dynamic creation/deletion of datasources..

Steve Fulton steve at esoteric.ca
Tue Sep 4 01:51:06 MEST 2001


  It was suggested by the rrd-users list that I ask here, so:  I really like
RRDTool, but one of the major tasks I need to do involves dealing with
multiple datasources -- and additions will be occuring daily.. Would it be
possible in a (near?) future version of RRDTool?

  Just so I'm clear, I'll explain exactly what one of these tasks is:  I
work for an ISP managing mail servers, and I've written some code to parse
the logfiles to determine who is sending out the most amount of mail, who is
sending our systems the most amount of mail.  This is done for the purpose
of finding spammers, preferably in real time.  Anyway, obviously the users
sending the most amount of mail changes day to day, week to week, month to
month.  I want to import this into RRDTool and graph it accordingly.   The
problem is that RRDTool only allows me to create N datasources when I create
the initial DB -- and I would like to add or delete datasources on the fly..
is that possible?

 -- Steve

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