[rrd-developers] rrdgraph, VDEF TOTAL

Christoffer Blindheim chropper at hinux.hin.no
Thu Sep 27 03:46:16 MEST 2001

I just downloaded a beta of RRDtool because I need the VDEF and the TOTAL
function. When I tried this feature I discovered that TOTAL is reporting
the same value for both ds. I've tried to locate were the bug is, but I
can't find it. Seems like vdef_calc is using the address to the first ds
for both calculations.

ds0   != ds1
ds0tot = ds1tot


./rrdtool graph /tmp/test.gif \
DEF:ds0=/var/mrtg/ssin_gigabitethernet0_1.rrd:ds0:AVERAGE \
DEF:ds1=/var/mrtg/ssin_gigabitethernet0_1.rrd:ds1:AVERAGE \
VDEF:ds0tot=ds0,TOTAL \
VDEF:ds1tot=ds1,TOTAL \
AREA:ds0bits#00C000:"Inbound " \
GPRINT:ds0tot:"%6.2lf %Sbps\n" \
LINE1:ds1bits#0000FF:"Outbound" \
GPRINT:ds1tot:"%6.2lf %Sbps\n"

Can anyone help me?


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