[rrd-developers] [patch] gfx/graph fixes for imgformat in canvas

Peter Speck speck at ruc.dk
Wed Apr 3 16:27:34 MEST 2002


As gfx_canvas_t now has excatly the same lifespan as image_desc_t, I've 
made 'gfx_canvas_t canvas' a member of image_desc_t and dropped it as a 
separate parameter in all function calls.

imgformat, interlaced and zoom are moved to gfx_canvas_t. I have dropped 
my old fontlib-enum as imgformat contains that information. The 
gfx_render_xxx switch is moved to rrd_gfx so rrd_graph is (almost) only 
bothered with image formats in cmd line parsing.

gfx_close_path is added.

gfx_new_dashed_line is added with 2 new arguments: length of a dash and 
length between dashes. gfx_new_line is still there for plain lines. 
Having dash-length == 0 creates normal line.
rrd_graph.c is not updated for dashed lines. It's not decided how one 
should specify which and how lines are dashed. An extension of the color 

svg is updated for dashes and opacity, but libart code is not. I've 
fixed indent in SVG, all lines had a space before func decl. etc.
Misc small fixes, e.g. sscanf of gfx_color_t, position of x-axis arrow.

So this patch is a little over everything in rrd_gfx.[hc] and 
The patch is for current cvs.
It does not contain the stringwidth for SVG nor the EPS patch. That will 
come after this.


  - Peter Speck

		"The difference between theory and practice
		is small in theory and large in practice..."

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