[rrd-developers] Re: pulling data from MySQL and graphing using R RDTool

Sheahan, John (PCLN-NW) John.Sheahan at priceline.com
Mon Apr 8 13:57:49 MEST 2002


Thanks for giving me a little laughter this morning Alex!
I will follow your direction but it might take a couple of weeks to sort
through it all. I will however, follow up and get back to you with my
results. Thanks for the help!

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"Sheahan, John (PCLN-NW)" wrote:

>  I already have a large db of stats in MySQL that I simply want to graph.
> really like the graphs that RRDTOOL produces since I am already using the
> complete package for my routers. However, I can't really see a way to
> effectively grab stats from another DB for graphing purposes without
> to reenter all the data again in a round robin database. Any thoughts?

Currently it is not possible to use any other data source than the
internal database.

No problem, you're on the developers list so you are going to add
mySQL support.  Have a look at the file rrd_fetch.c, function
rrd_fetch_fn.  This function analizes the available data, compares
it with the desired time range and returns the most apropriate set
of data.

Don't forget to turn on debugging and make sure the data from mySQL
is in the right format.  This can be found in rrd_format.h and of
course in the docs.  In short, you need a series of numbers that
represent the interval from {time-stepsize}to{time}.

When you successfully did the excercise of hacking rrdtool, we should
talk about integrating it into 1.1.x

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