[rrd-developers] Re: [rrd-users] Re: Subtracting one RRD from another?

Cooper Nelson coop at epicenter.ucsd.edu
Wed Aug 28 01:12:05 MEST 2002

(note:  thread moved to rrd-developers)

Alex van den Bogaerdt wrote:

>Cooper Nelson wrote:
>>I'm working with the current development release.
>Good.  Any comments apart from the already known stuff?

1.  Its f**king brilliant!  I mean really, its amazing the stuff I've 
been able to do.  Within a week of studying it I was able to make MPEGS 
of our network traffic, RRDtool is unbelieveably flexable, keep up the 
good work.

2.  It's a known issue, but pretty please, with sugar on top, fix TICK. 
 I really need it!  I would help but I'm not much of a C programmer.

3.  Are we approaching a final release anytime soon?  I'm trying 
convince my management to move to RRDtool from gnuplot, but the beta 
status is a sticking point.   The stable release does not have all the 
features I need.

4.  Related to 3, I'm working on network analysis, so we are interested 
in keeping some of our data sources indefinately.  Would it be possible 
to enhance RRDtool to optionally support a more conventional style 
dynamic database?  I understand I could fake this via "resize", but it I 
think it would be safer /cleaner if it could be done automatically.

5.  Add an option to graph definitions to allow them to autoscale 
independantly on the y axis.  This would make creating composite graphs 
of arbitrary data sources much easier.

Thanks again for all your hard work,


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