[rrd-developers] Re: Another bug in CVS 12/25/01?

Alex van den Bogaerdt alex at ergens.op.HET.NET
Thu Feb 7 01:15:11 MET 2002

Mike McHenry wrote:

> Can anyone offer any comments on what this change was supposed to fix?
> The 12/25/01 build seems to be giving incorrect data when I fetch data
> from RRD structures and reverting back to the old 12/24/01 code seems to
> fix the problem. However, I have not tested extensively with the removal
> of this patch to see if there are any side effects to be had from
> removing it.

The change has to do with an off-by-one error that was present in
the code.  There shouldn't be any differences in the output.

I created a quick test script; this doesn't show the problem you're
describing.  Maybe you can create one that does?

    rrdtool create check.rrd        \
       --start 1013036100           \
            DS:x:GAUGE:600:U:U      \
    rrdtool update check.rrd 1013036400:1 1013036700:2 1013037000:3
    rrdtool update check.rrd 1013037300:4 1013037600:5 1013037900:6
    rrdtool update check.rrd 1013038200:7 1013038500:8 1013038800:9
    rrdtool update check.rrd 1013039100:10
    rrdtool fetch check.rrd --start 1013036100 --end 1013039100 AVERAGE
    1013036400: 1.0000000000e+00
    1013036700: 2.0000000000e+00
    1013037000: 3.0000000000e+00
    1013037300: 4.0000000000e+00
    1013037600: 5.0000000000e+00
    1013037900: 6.0000000000e+00
    1013038200: 7.0000000000e+00
    1013038500: 8.0000000000e+00
    1013038800: 9.0000000000e+00
    1013039100: 1.0000000000e+01

The rrdtool version that was used to do this is the most recent
snapshot, to be found at (sorry for the long line):

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