[rrd-developers] Re: The font search

Mark Mills mark at xodiax.com
Mon Jan 21 02:00:07 MET 2002

Oh, no one is saying we should use all the sexy fonts we want.

We were just trying to make sure the default install "just works" like people expect. On the list of platforms that RRDTool runs, there are about half a million likely places for TTFs to be hidden and worse, th default server install for many OSs don't include any. Neither of the servers I regularly run RRDTool have any TTFs on them.

On a side, note, finding a good font with proper hinting and builtin bitmaps that is also "free" as in "we can ship it without getting Tobi sued" is looking really unlikely. =(

I'm looking into adding premade bitmaps in a few default sizes to a free font and trying that out under libart. We may have to "roll our own" if we want one that works by default.


> Hi Everyone,
> I do agree that a decent looking font in rrd graphs is 
> necessary. But it is
> best to include a way to use a font the user desires. 
> Sometimes the graph
> are official and need to be formal, but sometimes we go the 
> other way round
> :)
> Maybe adding external support for truetype fonts?
> Thanks
> Ronald Tse

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