[rrd-developers] Re: PIE CHART ??? (long)

Tobias Oetiker oetiker at ee.ethz.ch
Thu Jun 6 16:40:08 MEST 2002

Today Michael T. Babcock wrote:

> I see that as being _the_ reason to link it seperately, however, or to at
> least link the data collection tool seperately (the opposite approach to the
> same issue) so that it can be used quickly and easily without the graphing
> portion of the tool.
> If I may summarize how I see rrdtool as being potentially seperated:
> 1) A base rrd file library (including inserting, modifying and retrieving
> data)
> 2) A data collection / rrd file maintenance tool linked against (1)
> 3) Perl / other modules that use the above library (1) as well.
> 4) A graphing tool that creates graphs (in whatever way) using (1) to access
> the data, but possibly also using other data sources.
> 5) An rrdtool binary that acts as the current one does, calling the above
> programs as necessary to do its work.
> 6) Other data acquisition modules written against (1) or (2) such as
> converting from MRTG files, accessing SNMP data, etc.
> As I understand it, this would not be very difficult right now, and I'm not
> saying anything more than "this is how I think it would be a better overall
> tool."  The issue I believe is the seperation of 'back-end' data handling,
> 'middle-ware' to make front-ends possible and 'front-ends'.

Dear Michael,

Appart from you saying
"this is how I think it would be a better overall tool."
I can not see any point in this discussion. (And in the rrdtool
developers version there is already a rrdupdate command which just
that functionality.)

But what I realy want to say is, that I am primarily interested in
things which make using rrdtool more simple, be it for graphing or data
collection. This mainly involves people sitting down at their
machine and writing code. Preferably after discussing their plan on
the developers mailinglist ... So if you have something to say or
contribute in this area lets hear it ...

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