[rrd-developers] Re: Rrdtool thoughts

Michael T. Babcock mbabcock at fibrespeed.net
Thu Jun 6 20:01:45 MEST 2002

w.r.t. XML description of graphing:

What I'm trying to consider "out loud" below, is the direct representation
of a current rrdtool graphing description in XML.  The other option (in my
mind) is to move the 'defs' out of the way and describe them within the
chart/label entries directly (like my previous XML file did).

If you want to make this look pretty, save it as a .xml file and load it in
IE or Mozilla (or your favorite XML editor, like VIM).

<?xml version='1.0' ?>
 <option name="start">-86400</option>
 <option name="end">-1</option>
 <title>Today's disk activity</title>
 <option name=alt-autoscale-max />
 <label type="vertical">Bytes Transfered</label>
 <def vname="diskin">
 <def vname="diskout">
 <!-- skipped -->
 <def vname="diskwoswapin">
      <calc type="rpn">diskin,swapin,-</calc>
 <def vname="diskwoswapout">
      <calc type="rpn">diskout,swapout,-</calc>
 <!-- and so on ... skipping graph descriptions ... -->

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