[rrd-developers] [patch] stringwidth patch for SVG etc.

Peter Speck speck at ruc.dk
Sat Mar 30 04:47:17 MET 2002


Patches for the stringwidth part of SVG implementation. The patch is for 
current CVS.

To reduce runtime overhead for using AFM files I have chosen to encode 
them as constant C globals instead of parsing the files at runtime. This 
is done by the perl script compile_afm.pl which parses the afm files and 
generates src/rrd_afm_data.c   The format is documented in rrd_afm_data.h

All the font data and the perl script are stored in a new directory: 
libraries/afm. Adobe allows distribution and modification of the *.afm 
files as long as the copyright message is not changed.

The files have the generic afm names: rrd_afm.h/c and rrd_afm_data.h/c 
as the afm font info will be useful for implementing EPS/PDF formats as 
they use the same font metrics. I'll implement the EPS format in a few 

Users can add their own fonts, run the perl script and recompile 
rrdtool. The included set of fonts are required by all postscript (like) 
devices so users can count on having them in their printer/viewer. I use 
"Helvetica" as default, so that one should stay, all others can be 
removed to save space. The perl script uses all the .afm files in the 

As gfx_get_text_width() doesn't have gfx_canvas_t as param, I needed to 
hack a parameter for knowing if it should use FreeType or AFM.
Some of the functions that call gfx_get_text_width() doesn't have 
gfx_canvas_t as param either, so I've made a quick hack that I think 
should be rethought:

I have added an enum "fl_en fontlib" as first parameter to 
gfx_get_text_width() and to image_desc_t because image_desc_t was passed 
all the way around.

The afm code knows the macintosh charset so it works correctly on that 
platform. If Windows needs conversion, I'll add that, just give me a 
pointer to a charset table.

I have seperated the patch into 3 parts to make it easier to apply:
1) http://www.vitality.dk/rrdtool/patches/2002-03-30-libafm.diff
    contains the library/afm directory.
2) http://www.vitality.dk/rrdtool/patches/2002-03-30-rrd_afm.diff
    contains the src/rrd_afm.[hc] and src/rrd_afm_data.[hc] files.
3) http://www.vitality.dk/rrdtool/patches/2002-03-30-misc.diff
    contains patches to src/rrd_gfx.[hc] and src/rrd_graph.c and 
You can too get all of it in one huge patch:

I have updated the samples:
http://vitality.dk/rrdtool/samle.html  (44Kb, for viewing the source)
http://vitality.dk/rrdtool/samle.svg   (37Kb, for SVG viewer)
http://vitality.dk/rrdtool/samle.svgz  (11Kb, ditto, compressed)
http://vitality.dk/rrdtool/samle.png   (46Kb, screendump)
My web provider hasn't added svg/svgz yet to the list of mime types, so
you might have best luck by downloading the .svg file before viewing it.

  - Peter Speck

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