[rrd-developers] Possible "create as clone"?

David Lee t.d.lee at durham.ac.uk
Fri Nov 29 11:53:41 MET 2002

Some months ago, I created some rrd databases with a particular set of
characteristics (the purpose of each was daily email/virus/spam counts
on each email machine).

Now I want to create some identical rrds for new machines in that email
cluster.  Alas, I lost the piece of paper on which I had scribbled the
original, long, complicated, "rrdtool create ..." command.  Bad news for
me(!) but it might actually have longer-term benefits for the wider rrd
community.  It set me thinking of the more general problems (which are
related to each other). 

1. Is there already an easy way to create new (empty) rrd using existing
   rrd as a prototype?  (Something like "rrd dump" with "rrd restore" but
   excluding the data.)

2. Is there a facility which shows how an rrd was created.  I tried
   "rrd tune" with no arguments, but that seems only to display the DS
   information, not the RRA. 

3. Could "rrd tune" be enhanced (at least in its no-argument disply mode) 
   to display RRA information?

If the above functionality already exists, my apologies: just point me to
the correct man page (or whatever).  We have version 1.0.34 and yesterday
I skimmed through 1.0.40 .

If it doesn't exist, would it be useful?  What would be the best
implementation?  Something like: 

1.  Enhance "rrd tune" to display RRA characteristics.

   a.  Add an option to "rrd restore" (and/or "rrd dump"?) to say "ignore
       the data".

   b.  Add an alternative mode of working for "rrd create" to say "use
       another rrd as a protoype".

   "2a" has the advantage of working across architectures whereas "2b"
   would only work if both rrds (prototype and new) are same-architecture.

Any thoughts?

If the ideas and suggested implementations sound reasonable, I could have
a look at trying to implement it (but no promises!).


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